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Lauren Lavelle

As a Montgomery County native, Lauren is well versed in the different areas, communities, and cities. Her intimate knowledge of this region, and her experiences of having lived here all of her life, have given Lauren an enthusiasm and a desire to make her home, your home. Lauren has been a Montgomery County educator for 15+ years, which has helped provide her with a special set of skills to help her clients, including patience and an ability to problem solve. As a real estate agent, Lauren’s specialty is helping educators and first-time homebuyers access loan products and down payment assistance programs that can increase their buying power.

In her free time, Lauren can be found reading by the pool, checking out the newest local winery or brewery, or attending a yoga class. She is dedicated to helping you make the home buying or selling process as fun, easy and stress-free as possible!


  • My hidden talent is: “I own a Trex costume and wear it for charity events. Is that a talent?”
  • My favorite beverage is: “It’s hard to pick one; but alcohol: champagne; non-alcohol: Dr. Pepper”
  • One item on my Bucket List is: “To eat olives in Greece”